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Welcome, Fellow WinDOwS User,

This site is huge... 150+ pages with 1000+ tricks and counting.
Therefore you need to take a break from whatever you were doing, brew a fresh coffee pot, fill up your XL mug [but don't spill it on your keyboard], kick back, relax, and only after that, dig in, 1 tip at a time.
All steps must be performed in this exact order for maximum comfort. ;)

The main goal of these pages is to transform your PC into the ultimate, extremely tweaked machine you have always dreamed of by "squeezing" the last atom of performance it is capable of, to make it soar at MAX Speed.

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Or enjoy browsing OFFline my entire FREEware collections containing tons of Valuable, Original, UNconventional, UNique, UNofficial, UNdocumented, UNcommon, UNknown, UNdiscovered, UNheard of + Hidden PC, Laptop, Modems, AOL, MS Internet Explorer + Netscape/Mozilla Windows 2003, XP, ME, 2000, NT 4.0, 98/98 SE, 95B/95C OSR 2.x, 95a OSR1, 95 + 3.1x and MS-DOS 8.00, 7.xx + 6.xx Tricks, Secrets, Tweaks, Tips, Hints, Fixes, Hacks, Guides, Speed-Ups, Tune-Ups, Workarounds, Setups, Configs, News, Info, Specs, References, Upgrades, Patches, Easter Eggs + Links, Logos, Icons + Bitmaps, Registry + Batch files, all dedicated to Speed-Up + MAXimize your computing performance and to help you find possible solutions for your "Wintel" problems [compiled into 1 of the most comprehensive Operating Systems + Computer Hardware tips databases on the Net], in 2 "flavors":

MDGx MAX Speed WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets Files
W95-11D © Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003 + DOS 7.xx/8.00: W95-11D.EXE or W95-11D.ZIP  05-15-2016
W31-11D © Windows/WfWG 3.1x + DOS 6.xx: W31-11D.ZIP05-15-2016
MDGx Tricks + Secrets Updates
File Manager (FM) Customized File Manager (FM), FM Add-ons + FM Support Files for all Windows NTx OSes03-03-2016
Win10 Privacy MDGx 10_BLOCK Tools stop forced Win10 upgrade + spyware see ReadMe Guide 1st   03-28-2016
exFAT Use exFAT everywhere...03-03-2016
Chromium Google Chrome Easter Eggs06-28-2011
98SE2ME 98SE2ME: Killer Replacements: ME 98 SE02-01-2012
Registry 95/98/ME/IE5/IE6 Advanced Options Galore04-12-2007
Registry 9x/NTx/IE System Restrictions (Registry policies)10-27-1998
Registry Registry Inconsistencies, Curiosities + Oddities07-03-2006
HOSTS HOSTS Files, Guides + Tools (work in progress... ;))11-13-2009
Windows XP XP SP3 Guide07-01-2008
Windows XP XP/2003 Firewall Guide08-16-2004
Standards + Security
IPv6 IPv6: Are you ready for IPv6?
Web Browser WWW: Are you using a modern web browser? HTML5, WebGL, CSS 3D
Anti-Virus Threat Awareness: Virus Alerts + FREEware Anti-Virus Tools05-22-2016
Anti-Spyware Protect Your Computer: FREEware Firewalls + Anti-Spyware03-15-2016
Internet Security Know Your Foe: Internet Security + Traffic Resources02-02-2016
ßUG Watch Watch Your Back: ßUG Watch12-30-2015
Sci-Fi, Science + Space Sci-Fi, Science, Astronomy + Space Exploration04-28-2016
Electronics PC, Laptop, Audio + DSLR Gear05-22-2016
BDs + DVDs Blu-Ray Discs (BDs) + DVDs Collection05-11-2016
Photos Photosfrequently
Places 2 Visit Places 2 Visitoften
Free Updates + Patches
Firefox Mozilla: Firefox 46 stable and 47 ßeta, 48 Alpha 2 + 49 Alpha 1 test Web Browsers04-22-2016
Chromium Google: Chromium + Chrome 50 stable and 51 ßeta, 52 Developer + 53 Canary test Web Browsers04-22-2016
7-Zip Igor: 7-Zip 16.0005-10-2016
OLDer Updates
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 4.6.111-06-2015
 Uwe: DOS 5/6/7/8 + Windows 3.1x/95/98/ME UMBPCI.SYS 3.8604-16-2015
 Oracle (Sun): Java 8.0 (1.8.0) Update 65/66 (8u65/8u66)  10-10-2015
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 4.5.205-06-2014
 Microsoft: Internet Explorer 11.0 Web Browser11-09-2013
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 4.5.110-15-2013
 Microsoft: Internet Explorer 10.0 Web Browser02-25-2013
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 4.510-09-2012
 Microsoft: Internet Explorer Root Certificates Update (RCU)06-06-2014
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Internet Explorer (IE) 5/6/7/8/9 Cumulative Fix02-14-2012
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Time Zone DST Cumulative Updates December 201101-09-2012
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 4.0.2 Update10-24-2011
 Microsoft: Internet Explorer 9.0 Web Browser03-14-2011
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Rich Text (RTF) Edit Fixes12-01-2010
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Scripting Engines (MSE) 5.709-30-2010
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Internet Explorer 5/6/7/8/9 ActiveX Kill Bits (AKB) Fix07-23-2010
 Microsoft: 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 DirectX Redist06-07-2010
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Scripting Engines (MSE) 5.604-23-2010
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 4.004-12-2010
 XQ|DC: X-Setup Pro 9.2.10006-02-2009
 Microsoft + Unofficial: XML 3/4/6 Fixes03-19-2009
 Microsoft + Unofficial: HTML Help 1.4101-31-2009
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 2.0 SP201-17-2009
 Microsoft: .NET Framework 3.5 SP101-05-2009
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Internet Explorer 5/6/7 VML VGX.DLL Fix09-23-2008
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Outlook Express (OE) 5/6 + Vista/2008 Mail Cumulative Fix  09-23-2008
 Microsoft: XP SP3 + Fixes07-01-2008
 Microsoft: XP/2003/Vista/2008 MSI 4.505-21-2008
 Microsoft + Unofficial: OLE Updates03-31-2008
 Microsoft + Unofficial: Internet Explorer 4/5/6/7 TriEdit + DHTML Edit Fixes09-26-2007
 Microsoft + Unofficial: 98/2000/ME/XP WMP 9.009-03-2007
 Microsoft: XP 64-bit/2003 SP203-14-2007
 Microsoft: XP WMP 11.001-15-2007
 Microsoft: 2000 UR1 2.009-13-2005
 Microsoft: 98/2000/ME/XP/2003 WMP 10.0 DRM + Codecs08-15-2005
 Microsoft: 2000 SP406-26-2003
 Essential: System Components + Add-ons03-22-2016
 Essential: DirectX Updates + Tools02-02-2016
 Essential: Internet Explorer Updates03-15-2016
 Essential: Windows Media Player Updates02-02-2016
 NTx Tools: NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/2012 Extras05-15-2016
 ßeta: ßeta Software12-02-2015
MDGx Tricks, Secrets, ßUGs + FIXes
 Complete List: WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets06-28-2011
 REG: 200+ Ways To Hack Your 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003 Registry04-12-2007
 XP: Windows XP Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 98: Windows 98/98 SE + DOS 7.10 Tricks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 ME: Windows ME + DOS 8.00 Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 2000: Windows 2000 Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 NT4: Windows NT4 Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 OSR2: Windows 95B/95C OSR2.x + DOS 7.10 Tricks + Fixes05-05-2010
 Portables: Ojatex's Original Laptop Tips + Hints10-18-2000
 3.1: Windows/WfWG 3.1x + DOS 6.xx Tricks + Secrets12-30-2006
 DOS: MS-DOS 5.00 - 8.00 Hidden Secrets05-05-2010
 UNique: My Original WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets05-05-2010
 FUN: 40+ WinDOwS + Apps/Games Easter Eggs06-28-2011
Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE/ME Updates + Patches
 MDGx: Windows 98 + ME •still• alive Campaign
 MSFN: Important/"Stickified"/Pinned Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE/ME Topicsfrequently
 MSFN: 98 FE, 98 SE + ME Updates, Patches + (Hot)Fixes05-16-2012
 MSFN: Windows 95/98/98SE/ME Forumsdaily
 MSFN: Windows 9x Member Projects Forumsdaily
 Free Help: Windows 95/98/ME Help Forumsfrequently
Windows 2003
 Fixes: 2003 Updates12-02-2015
Windows XP
 Tricks: XP Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 Fixes: XP Updates04-18-2016
Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE + DOS 7
 Tricks: 98/98 SE + DOS7 Tricks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 Fixes: 98 + 98 SP1 + 98 SE Updates02-02-2016
Windows ME + DOS 8
 Tricks: ME + DOS8 Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 Fixes: ME Updates02-02-2016
Windows 2000
 Tricks: 2000 Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 Fixes: 2000 Updates02-02-2016
Windows 95B/95C OSR2 + DOS 7
 Tricks: OSR2 + DOS7 Tricks + Fixes05-05-2010
 Fixes: OSR2 Updates05-16-2009
Windows 95/95a OSR1 + DOS 7
 Tricks: 9x + DOS7 Tricks + Secrets05-05-2010
 Fixes: 95 + OSR1 Updates02-13-2009
Windows NT 4.0
 Tricks: NT4 Tweaks, Secrets, BUGs + FIXes05-05-2010
 Fixes: NT4 Updates02-02-2016
Windows/WfWG 3.1x + DOS 6
 Tricks: 3.1x + DOS6 Tricks + Secrets12-30-2006
 Fixes: 3.1x Updates02-02-2016
Free OSes
 Linux: UNIX alternativefrequently
 Remix OS: Windows alternativefrequently
 ReactOS: Windows alternativefrequently
 Haiku: BeOS alternativefrequently
 MenuetOS: Windows alternativefrequently
 FreeDOS: DOS/MS-DOS alternativefrequently
 OS within OS: Virtualize + Emulateall the time
Let The Fun Begin
 Get... Free(ware) WinDOwS Games02-02-2016
 News... PC Games02-02-2016
 Humor... U No U R...maybe...
 Have... More Funwhenever
 Google... Interactive +/- Moving Doodlesoften
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