DestinationDirs Section



The DestinationDirs section defines the destination directories for the operations specified in file-list-section, which is either a CopyFiles, RenFiles or DelFiles section. Optionally, a default destination directory may be specified for any CopyFiles, RenFiles, or DelFiles section in the INF file that are not explicitly named in the DestinationDirs section.

Name of a CopyFiles, RenFiles, or DelFiles section. This name must be referred to in a Copyfiles, RenFiles, or DelFiles item in an Install section.

A Logical Disk IDentifier [LDID]. Can be one of these values:

00Null LDID [this LDID can be used to create a new LDID]
01Source Drive_Letter:\Path_Name
02Temp Setup
10Machine (Windows) directory [maps to the Windows directory on a server-based Setup] [%windir%]
11System directory [%windir%\SYSTEM]
12IOSubsys directory [%windir%\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS]
13Command directory [%windir%\COMMAND]
14Control Panel
17INF Directory [%windir%\INF]
18Help directory [%windir%\HELP]
20Fonts [%windir%\FONTS]
21Viewers [%windir%\SYSTEM\VIEWERS]
22VMM32 [%windir%\SYSTEM\VMM32]
23Color directory [%windir%\SYSTEM\COLOR]
24Root of drive containing the Windows directory [usually C:\ root]
25Windows directory [%windir%]
26Guaranteed boot device for Windows (Winboot) [C:\ root]
27Machine [%windir%]
28Host Winboot [usually C:\ root]
30Root directory of the boot drive [C:\ root]
31Root directory of the Host drive of a virtual boot drive [usually C:\ root]

Where %windir% is the main Window directory [as environment variable], C:\WINDOWS in most cases.

Name of the directory, within the directory named by ldid, to be the destination directory.

The optional DefaultDestDir item provides a default destination for any CopyFiles items that use the direct copy (@filename) notation or any CopyFiles, RenFiles, or DelFiles sections not specified in the DestinationDirs section. If a DefaultDestDir is not used in a DestinationDirs section, then the default directory is set to LDID_WIN.

This example sets the destination directory for the MoveMiniPort section to WINDOWS\IOSUBSYS and sets the default directory for other sections to be the BIN directory on the boot drive:

MoveMiniPort=12 ; Destination for MoveMiniPort Section is WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS
DefaultDestDir=30,BIN ; Direct copies go to Boot:\BIN