AdvPack Registry Destination

Handling Directories for International Installations

This Advanced INF Installer section checks for a registry key associated with Office 95.  If this keys does not exist, installation will fail and the user will be see the message in the last line of the section.

Also when creating directories or prompting users for input you'll want to use a mixture of OEM and ANSI characters.  The prompts should also use the Strings section.

49000=CustomLDIDSection,22 (Original line)

(When handling International installations).

49000,49001,49002,49003=CustomLDIDSection,22 (New line)

<OEM SFN>, <ANSI LFN>, <ANSI SFN>, <OEM LFN>= <Section>,Flag

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Office\95\InstallRoot","dir","%PromptUser%","%DefaultDir%"

PromptUser="Is this where you want Office to go?"

In the above example if you need to use 49000 when setting the LDID for a copy section.  You might want to use 49001 when storing the value in the registry for later use.  That way the LFN is what the user would really see in the registry, but file system in Windows 95/98/ME can use SFN for INF.  (Windows NT 4.0 would not need to use the SFN in any install).