IExpress Override Settings

Override Settings File Format

This files as discussed later in the scenarios section can be used to override entries in the default SED template file used on the command line.  This is for more advanced users or automated build processes in which basic IExpress options are the same between builds but a string or file list may change.

The author would use syntax in a command window:

IExpress /N targetname.SED /O:override SEDfilename, OverrideSectionName

For example:
IExpress /N targetname.SED /O:NewItems.txt, NewOptions

This would use targetname.SED, but any data referenced by section [NewOptions] in file NewItems.txt (see below) would override the targetname.SED default template items.

Contents of example file NewItems.txt:

ExtractOnly=1 Extract and leave in place
RebootMode=2 Matches options in Wizard
Strings="NewStrings" Section Name for list of strings to localize
(You could also use FileList= to override SED file list)

[Setup] To use this section the template SED must have had the %AppLaunched%="#Setup" noted
(Currently we do not check for return codes from each application)

[NewStrings] (Mainly used by localizers)
InstallPrompt= No Prompt
DisplayLicense="License.txt" Must be part of files to include in [FileList]
AppLaunched="Setup.exe" This will also allow for INF names
AppLaunched="#Setup" Is a section listed in this SED
EndMessage= No end message
PackageName="Other.exe" Name of final package EXE

The override file can be any name, but must include the above sections. The sections and settings override any matching sections and entries in the template SED.