Strings Section



Defines one or more strings keys.  A strings key is a name that represents a string of printable characters.  Although the Strings section is generally the last section in the INF files, a string key defined in this section may be used anywhere in the INF file that the corresponding string would be used.  The Installer expands the string key to the given string and uses it for further processing.  Using a strings key requires that it be enclosed in percent signs (%).

A unique name consisting of letters and digits.

A string consisting of letters, digits, or other printable characters.  It should be enclosed in double-quotation marks if the corresponding strings key is used in a type of item that requires double quotation marks.

The Strings section makes translation of strings for international markets easier by placing all strings that can be displayed at the user interface when the INF file is used in a single section of the INF file.  Strings keys should be used whenever possible.

The following example shows the strings section for a sample INF file.

String0="My Application"
String1="My Application Readme File"
String2="CX2590 SCSI Adapter"