Version Section



Defines the standard header for all Windows 95/98/ME or NT INF files. Note that if the signature is not $CHICAGO$ then Windows will not accept the INF file as an INF file for any of the classes of devices recognized by Windows 95/98/ME and NT.

Note the signature string recognition is case-insensitive. So, for example, you can use either $Chicago$ or $CHICAGO$ .

Names the INF file that contains the layout information (source disks and files) required to install this component.  This line is optional. If not given, the SourceDisksNames and SourceDisksFiles sections must be given in this INF.

Identifies the version of Advpack.dll that Internet Explorer 4.0 must load in order to parse this INF file.  In this case, version 2.5 is required. If the version of Advpack.dll is not found, the failure-dialog-string is presented to the user.