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  • My NickNames:
    • new: MDGx
    • old: AXCEL216
    You might be wondering [some did ;)]:

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  • My 1st Web Site created back in August 1996 [all web sites hosted on were deleted as of October 31 2008 :-(] = cached Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) from December 1998.

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  • Thank You: I am privileged to send here my most sincere thanks to all of you for taking the time to read these pages/files, and to every one who sent me suggestions, thoughts, tips, comments, ideas. All authors/contributors are acknowledged, and reliable sources given proper credit.
    Contributed tips (clearly marked) posted here do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owner of this web site.

    English [Engleză]:

    My most special thanks = In Memoriam:
     These pages are humbly dedicated to the memory of my Father 

    Româneşte [Romanian]:

    Mulţumirile mele cele mai speciale = In Memoriam:
     Aceste pagini sunt umil dedicate memoriei Tatalui meu 

    EN: translated into Romanian [by Google] | RO: tradus în Româneşte [de către Google]

    EN: Visit Romania... | RO: Vizitaṭi România...

    EN: Places 2 Visit in the U.S.A. | RO: Locuri de vizitat în S.U.A.

    My web site is a non-stop work in progress, updated, revised +/- improved quite often, therefore please visit frequently for updates.
    Files/web pages names may change to include new/updated info/version numbers.
    Stay tuned.
    Any donations/contributions from you, WinDOwS users, who find something useful here, are greatly appreciated.

  • My Interests + Hobbies [not necessarily in this order ;)]:

  • My Computing "qualifications": Just another PC builder + self-taught user + tweaker of most Microsoft Operating Systems + Environments, and a few OS/2, DR-DOS, FreeDOS, Mac OS, BeOS, ReactOS, Linux + FreeBSD distros.

  • I pursue computing strictly as a hobby!

  • My home built Über-clocked PC upgraded hardware specs.

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