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    Free Flash, Shockwave, Silverlight, Java, JavaScript, HTML5 + WebGL online games [separate pages]:
     flashCHESS ||| 3D + 2D [window]
     flashCHESS ||| 3D + 2D [full screen]
     flashCHESS 2D [window]
     flashCHESS 2D [full screen]
     Flash Spark Chess 3D [window]
     Flash Spark Chess 3D [full screen]
     Flash Chess Puzzles
     Java Thinking Machine
     Flash Chess Simple
     Flash Chess Maniac [window]
     Flash Chess Maniac [full screen]
     Flash ZNEM Chess [window]
     Flash ZNEM Chess [full screen]
     Flash Chess Master 2 [window]
     Flash Chess Master 2 [full screen]
     Flash Classic Chess [full screen]
     Flash Dark Chess 3D [full screen]
     Flash Touch Chess [full screen]
     Flash Rambo Chess [full screen]
     Flash Easy Chess [window]
     Flash Easy Chess [full screen]
     Ultimate Chess [window]
     Ultimate Chess [full screen]
     Flash Challenge Chess
     Flash Smiley Chess [window]
     Flash Smiley Chess [full screen]
     Flash 3D Galactic Chess [window]
     Flash 3D Galactic Chess [full screen]
     Flash Giko Chess
     Flash Robo Chess [window]
     Flash Robo Chess [full screen]
     Flash Chess Wizard [window]
     Flash Chess Wizard [full screen]
     Java TkChess
     JavaScript ChessIG
     JavaScript WebChess
     JavaScript Chess
     JavaScript Shredder Chess
     JavaScript Lichess
     Java Jester Chess
     WebGL Chess + Checkers/Dames/Draughts
     WebGL Chess
     Flash Chess Computer Online Game
     Flash Chess Games
     Flash Chess Games
     Flash Chess Games
     Flash Chess Games
     Flash Chess Games
     Flash Chess Games
     Chrome/Flash Chess Games
     Java Pogo Chess
     Java Chess Against Computer
     Java Little ChessPartner
     Java Mobialia Chess
     HTML5 2D/3D Chess
     Silverlight Chess [large]
     Silverlight Chess [small]
     Silverlight ChessBin Chess
      Java Breakout
     JavaScript Browser Breakout
     JavaScript Breakout
     JavaScript Bing Bong
     Shockwave Pong
     Flash Future Impact Breakout [window]
     Flash Future Impact Breakout [full screen]
     Flash Breakout [window]
     Flash Breakout [full screen]
     Silverlight Shock
     Silverlight Chaos Ball Extreme [window]
     Silverlight Chaos Ball Extreme [full screen]
     Silverlight Silver Arcanoid
     JavaScript Wolfenstein 3D
     Flash Commander Keen 1 [window]
     Flash Commander Keen 1 [full screen]
     Java Commander Keen 1
     Java Commander Keen 2
     Java Commander Keen 3
     Java Commander Keen Dreams 3.5
     Java Commander Keen 4
     Java Commander Keen 5
     Java Commander Keen 6
     Flash Commander Keen Arcade
     Java Doom
     Java Descent
     Java Electro Man
     Java Raptor: Call of The Shadows
     Java Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis
     Java Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
     Java The Secret of Monkey Island
     Java Sam & Max Hit The Road
     Java Loom
     Flash Prince of Persia [window]
     Flash Prince of Persia [full screen]
     Flash Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands [window]
     Flash Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands [full screen]
     Flash Space Invaders [window]
     Flash Space Invaders [full screen]
     Java Prince of Persia
     Java Prince of Persia 2
     Java Tomb Raider
     Java Warcraft
     Java Warcraft 2
     Java Alone in The Dark
      DHTML Arkanoid
     DHTML Lemmings
     Java Lemmings
     Java Lemmings Christmas Edition
     Java Holiday Lemmings
     Java Holiday Lemmings 2
     Java Holiday Lemmings 3
     Flash Planarity Puzzle [window]
     Flash Planarity Puzzle [full screen]
     JavaScript Checkers
     WebGL HexGL
     WebGL Planet Buster
     WebGL Cosmic Journey
     WebGL JS WARS
     WebGL X-Wing
     WebGL Web Space Combat
     Flash Matrix Zion Defense [window]
     Flash Matrix Zion Defense [full screen]
     Flash Matrix Tunnel Recon [window]
     Flash Matrix Tunnel Recon [full screen]
     Flash Canabalt
     HTML5 Frantic
     HTML5 Space Blaster
     HTML5 Crystal Galaxy
     HTML5 Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn
     HTML5 Space Break
     HTML5 Break It
     HTML5 BrowserQuest
     Java Star Wars Dark Forces
     Flash Star Wars Games
     Flash Games, Animation, Comics + Art
     Flash Breakout Games
     Breakout Style Games
     Popular Flash Games
     Chrome Native Client (NaClBox) Games
     Java DOS Games Online
     Java DOS + Platform Games
     JPC Java DOS Games Demos
     Java DOS Games
     WebGL Play Games
     WebGL Games
     HTML5 Games
     Games for The Brain
     Hooptop Games
     250 Free Flash Games
     Best Free Flash/HTML5 Games
     Have (more) Fun ;)
    NOTE: Some Java DOS games may NOT be able to change settings OR save games!

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     How to play chess 
     Learn to play chess 
        Pong    Breakout

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