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W95-11D.EXE + W95-11D.ZIP Updated March 3 2023
W95-11D.EXE [1.78 MB] or W95-11D.ZIP [2.29 MB]
MDGx WinDOwS ©Tricks + Secrets Files List

Greetings, Fellow WinDOwS User,



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Some of my Original/Unique ©Tricks + Secrets canNOT be found anywhere else.


My ©Tricks + Secrets files are available in 2 editions (pick 1):

Both W95-11D.EXE + W95-11D.ZIP contain the same 158 files, which need ~ 8 MB of storage space after installation/extraction.

If you happen to have ANY OLDER versions of my ©Tricks + Secrets files, please DELETE/UNINSTALL them ALL FIRST as detailed here, and then download THIS NEW/CURRENT W95-11D release and install/unZIP it.

How to Install W95-11D.EXE

Run W95-11D.EXE from within Windows 9x/NTx to install all files, categorized as follows:1st Timers:
You •must see• "W95-11D Complete Files List" chapter below to learn how to properly use all these files.


How to Uninstall W95-11D.EXE

CAUTION: Uninstalling/erasing these files will NOT restore/undo ANY changes YOU have chosen to make to YOUR files/configuration/settings by applying/using ANY tips/files included here!

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... And some are posted here with exclusive permission.

W95-11D Complete Files List

Please READ these plain text files for COMPLETE DETAILS + GUIDELINES:

Open ALL included .BAT, .DOS, .INF, .INI, .REG + .SYS [except LOGO.SYS] files with Notepad in Windows or EDIT.COM in DOS •FIRST• to •READ• their GUIDELINES, and then •READ• the related topics from the included text [.TXT] files to learn how to PROPERLY use them:

Enjoy my Windows Wallpapers, Logo + Icons [.BMP, .DLL + .SYS]:

A MUST! Read these valuable FREEware Tips text files courtesy of:

... All these and much more. In a few words, how to make your [computing] life easier and more enjoyable.
Hope you'll find something useful here.
But you may want to set aside a couple of months or so of your spare time to properly enjoy all these "goodies"... ;-)

Have fun!

Best wishes,

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W95-11D.EXE [1.78 MB] or W95-11D.ZIP [2.29 MB]
MDGx WinDOwS ©Tricks + Secrets Files List
W95-11D.EXE + W95-11D.ZIP Updated March 3 2023
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