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CHMOD Calculator
CHMOD [CHange MODe] = *nix servers directories (folders) + files permissions.
Check desired box(es) to view correspondent value(s):
read    [r=4]
write   [w=2]
execute [x=1]
Octal    Symbolic
Typical CHMOD Permissions:
644 [-rw-r--r--]
= directories/files permitted to read from.
666 [-rw-rw-rw-] = directories/files permitted to write to.
755 [-rwxr-xr-x] = directories/files permitted to execute.
Group(s) of User(s):
Owner = Owner or other (authorized) User(s) in Owner Group.
Group = (Authorized) User(s) in same Group other than Owner.
Other = (Authorized) User(s) other than Owner or Group.
Offline Win32 CHMOD Calculators [free(ware)]:
    CHMOD.exe [415 KB]. [79 KB].
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