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FREE(ware) Software Sites
Giveaway of The DayGiveaway of The Day: every day posts a link to FREE licensed software + games which otherwise cost money outside the time limited offer.
ZDnetZDnet Downloads: tons of FREEware among the millions of files in every conceivable category.
PC WorldPC World Downloads: lots of FREEware.
Download.comC|Net huge server, lots of FREEware.
Shell X CityBob's Shell X City: 1000+ "wicked" Windows OSes + DOS MUST HAVE Tools + Power Toys, most of which are FREEware.
Free CD SoftwareFREE CD Software: order [mostly older releases :(] from a large selection of FREE software on CD, all you pay is shipping + handling. They also feature special offers/bundles.
LockerGnomeLockergnome: FREE Windows OSes weekly e-mail newsletter. But they also post excellent FREEware.
They kindly featured my web pages several times. ;)
FPSFREEWARE PUBLISHING SITE: tons of strictly FREEware Windows 32-bit programs.
TucowsTucows: tons of Internet, HTML + Web creation tools, some FREEware.
Dan's WorldDan's World: lots of FREEbies, News, Tips.
FreebyteFREEbyte: FREE stuff.
Freeware HomeFREEware Home: FREEware ONLY Windows OS programs and tips files.
FREEThe FREE Site: extensive info + links on all kinds of "FREEbies", including Windows 32-bit software.
SimtelNetSimtelNet: huge software repository. Lots of FREEware.
Totally FreeThe Totally FREE Stuff: Software Index Page: ONLY FREE Software + Links.
FREEWARE GUIDEFREEWARE GUIDE: very comprehensive source and ratings/reviews system for a wide variety of FREE stuff on the Internet.
FileForumFileForum: up-to-date FREEware [and shareware: clearly marked] for Windows OSes. Frequent updates, user rating system and search engine.
Freeware NetworkMajorGeeks [formerly known as "Tweak Files"]: MUST HAVE Windows OSes + DOS tools, some of which are FREEware.
Game HippoGame Hippo: 1000+ FREEware Windows + MS-DOS games.
Freebie LandFREEbie Land: all kinds of FREE stuff (including software), in a multitude of categories.
Free ProgramsFREE Programs: the best FREEware.
Freeware WebFREEware Web: huge database of FREEware Windows OSes software.
Top Quality FreewareTop Quality FREEware: source for Windows OSes FREE files and more.
MoochersMoochers: home of FREE Software on the net.
Freeware BoxFREEware Box: huge repository of FREEware software for Windows, frequently updated.
The Free CountryThe Free Country: extensive lists of Windows OSes FREEware software for programmers + web masters.'s Absolute Freeware Links: strictly Windows OSes FREEware software in various categories.
FileHippoFileHippo: many FREEware programs for Windows OSes.
I Want Freeware UtilitieseConsultant I Want FREEware Utilities: many FREEware programs for Windows OSes.
I Want Freeware UtilitieseConsultant I Want Open Source Software: many FREE programs for Windows OSes.
List of ListsList of Lists: thousands of mostly FREEware software for Windows OSes in numerous categories, frequently updated.
DirFileDirFile: home of 5700+ FREEware software for Windows OSes.
A+ FreewareA+ FREEware: loads of Windows 32-bit FREEware software in many categories.
The Portable Freeware CollectionThe Portable FREEware Collection: hundreds of FREEware software links very thoroughly categorized + reviewed.
Dubber's Freeware LinksDubber's FREEware Links: 2000+ links to FREEware web sites.
Kool Lite ToolsKool Lite Tools: up to date rated FREEware in numerous categories.
Only The Best FreewareOnly The Best FREEware: the best FREEware software on the net sorted in numerous categories.
Freeware 4 UFREEware 4 U: loads of direct links to Win32 FREEware programs in many categories.
Free Download SiteFREE Download Site: many FREEware Windows OSes + DOS programs + tools sorted in categories.
Last Freeware VersionLast FREEware Version: discontinued + turned shareware FREEware Win32 programs + tools.
Freeware ArenaFREEware Asylum: various FREEware programs for all Windows OSes.
NoBuck$No Buck$ FREEware Connection: selection of FREEware programs for all Windows OSes.
SofotexSofotex FREEware: dedicated pages with links to FREEware in multiple categories.
Freeware NetworkFREEware Network: loads of FREEware Windows OSes programs, games etc.
Cut's Freeware List-½cut's FREEware List: long list of links to FREEware Windows OSes + DOS software.
Freeware Link EmpireFREEware Link Empire: 1000+ FREEware web sites list.
SoftPileSoftPile: many FREEware Windows OSes programs, games etc.
ULTIMATE FREEWAREULTIMATE FREE SOFTWARE ARCHIVE: loads of FREEware Windows OSes programs, tools etc.
Unlimited FreewareWebGrid Unlimited FREEware: tons of FREEware for Windows OSes in many categories.
OSSwin ProjectThe OSSwin Project Open Source for Windows: huge selection of FREE open source software for all Windows OSes.
Server FilesServer Files: Networking + Server software for Windows NTx OSes, some of which are FREEware.
3D ScreenSaver3D ScreenSaver: tons [most are FREEware] of Windows OSes 3D (DirectX, OpenGL + 3Dfx Glide) animated screen savers.
Freeware FilesFREEware Files: tons of FREEware for Windows OSes in a wide variety of categories.
FileFlashFileFlash: up-to-date FREEware [and shareware: clearly marked] for Windows OSes. Very professional site design, frequent updates, user rating system and search engine.
SnapFilesSnapFiles FREEware: very large collection of Windows OSes Internet software.
PricelessWarePricelessWare: good old + discontinued FREEware for Windows.
WinSiteWinSite: lots of FREEware programs + games for Windows OSes + DOS.
Free Software for DOSFREE Software for DOS: one of the largest archives of FREEware ONLY programs for ALL flavors of DOS.
JumboJumbo: some Windows 32-bit FREEware available.
Fresh MeatFresh Meat: frequently updated, lots of FREE GNU/GPL software.
Ultimate SoftThe Ultimate FREEware Site: exhaustive FREEware web site.
FreeWare SiteThe FREEware Site: FREEware & FREE Shareware for Windows OSes.
Xtortxtort: dedicated to being a massive directory of Win32 FREEware.
Free Flash GamesFREE Flash Games: play online FREE Flash + Shockwave games.
GamesGames for Windows OSes + DOS = FREE(ware).
BINariesHosted + Sponsored BINaries for Windows OSes + DOS = 100% FREE(ware).
Power Toys1000+ Power Toys + Tweaking Tools for Windows OSes = 99.99% FREE(ware).

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