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Distros + Binaries

    Linux/BSD/GNU (*nix) OSes builds/distros can run in multi-boot environment alongside Windows/DOS/Mac/BeOS/OS2/alternative/derivative/fork/variant OSes from same/separate HDD/SSD/USB/memory/portable drive/disk/partition/volume, or from within Windows interface (GUI) by using a virtual machine (VM).
    Windows/DOS OSes can run from within Linux by using a virtual machine (VM).
    Windows/DOS programs + games can run from within Linux by using:This is a short list of popular + useful Linux distros:

    Distro CD/DVD/BD/USB ISODistroWatch Wikipedia doc/man/wiki 
    Scientific Linux (SL) Binaries Scientific Linux Scientific Linux Documentation
    CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System)  Binaries CentOS CentOS Wiki
    PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) Binaries PCLinuxOS PCLinuxOS Wiki
    Debian GNU/Linux Binaries Debian Debian Documentation
    OpenMandriva Lx Binaries OpenMandriva Lx OpenMandriva Lx Documentation
    Linux Mint + Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) Linux Mint + Linux Mint Debian  Linux Mint Linux Mint Documentation
    Fedora Binaries Fedora Fedora Documentation
    openSUSE Linux Binaries OpenSUSE OpenSUSE Documentation
    VectorLinux Binaries VectorLinux VectorLinux Documents
    gNewSense Binaries gNewSense gNewSense Documentation
    Knoppix Binaries Knoppix Knoppix Wiki
    Puppy Linux Binaries Puppy Linux Puppy Linux Manual
    Sabayon Linux for Gaming Binaries Sabayon Linux Sabayon Linux Wiki
    SparkyLinux Binaries SparkyLinux SparkyLinux FAQ
    Arch Linux Binaries Arch Linux Arch Linux Wiki
    Qubes OS Binaries Qubes OS Qubes OS Documentation
    Chakra Binaries Chakra Chakra FAQ
    Damn Small Linux (DSL) Binaries Damn Small Linux  Damn Small Linux  Wiki
    Gentoo Linux Binaries Gentoo Linux Gentoo Linux Docs + Wiki
    SimplyMEPIS Binaries MEPIS MEPIS Manual
    Solaris Enterprise Binaries Solaris Solaris Documentation
    Ubuntu editions, distros + variants:
    Ubuntu Desktop, Server + Notebook Editions Binaries Ubuntu Ubuntu Documentation
    Ubuntu Studio Binaries Ubuntu Studio Ubuntu Studio Documentation
    Xubuntu Binaries Xubuntu Xubuntu Documentation
    Kubuntu Binaries Kubuntu Kubuntu Documentation
    Edubuntu Binaries Edubuntu Edubuntu Documentation
    Lubuntu Binaries Lubuntu Lubuntu Documentation
    Fuduntu Binaries Fuduntu Fuduntu Wiki
    Ubuntu Server Binaries Ubuntu Server Ubuntu Server Documentation

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