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MDGx MTU, TCP/IP, DUN, xDSL/Cable/Dial-up + AOL MAX Speed Guides

MDGx FREEware Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003 + DOS 7/8 ©Tricks + Secrets archives [W95-11D.EXE + W95-11D.ZIP] contain ALL these Tweaks, Speed-Ups + BUG Fixes:

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FREE MTU, TCP/IP, AOL, Internet Speedup, Tweaking + Security Tools

These MTU "tweakers" include MDGx original/unique "AOL MaxMTU ©Workaround":
  1. Rob Vonk's EasyMTU v3.0 [360 KB] for Win95/98/NT and AOL, the first, the best and the only FREEware TCP/IP and AOL tweaking tool.
    Includes FindMTU [a PING tool] to determine EXACTLY the MTU value used by your ISP/Online Service.
  2. TweakDUN + TweakMASTER.

Internet Security Updates + Fixes for all Windows 32-bit + 64-bit OSes:

Networking + SECURITY Tools on the Internet [mostly Free(ware)]:

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Steve Bass' PC World Articles

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Analog/Dial-up Modems Resources

Analog/Dial-up Modems INItialization Strings + Commands:

Analog/Dial-up Modems TCP/IP + MTU Resources + Tools:

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xDSL Modems Resources

Broadband over xDSL:

Broadband + Networking over Power Lines:

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Cable Modems Resources

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Internet Security + Traffic Resources

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Check Your Connection Speed result

    These web sites require a JavaScript enabled Web Browser +/- Java:

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